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Good textile manufacturers form the basis of your sales force, but finding the right ones can be difficult. With all international options, ever-changing textile tariffs and sustainability concerns, it is not easy to keep your customers happy and at the same time to keep your financial situation positive.

If you are looking for a new textile supplier, we are here with our ability to be close to the whole customer. Knowing the customer closely is a measure of our awareness and compliance of our customers’ needs and values. Customer proximity goes beyond talking to customers.

This is about a two-way connection: perceptions on both sides are important. We know that we cannot be customer centric without improving customer proximity. Customer proximity includes a common understanding of customer problems and needs among all our team members: We adapt to the actual needs of each customer individually.

• We will help you increase your brand power and brand awareness

• You gain market advantage by using know-how know-how.

Our first goal is to get to know customers’ needs and wishes closely and meet their needs accordingly. When quality and comfort intersect, BAYZARA TEKSTİL SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ is a renowned expert. With our many years of experience in the textile industry, we are known as the best, but this intimate conversation is just one aspect of a much richer story, including dining tables and deep sleep.

How to communicate?

A new customer is always connected directly to the sales and marketing department where the customer sales business is followed. When you need technical support and information, a member of our sales team will visit you with a member of our production department to offer you projects for new solutions. Information flow and teamwork are essential in our company. Therefore, each client is well informed about the process and shared with new ideas from the innovation team.