With its accumulation, experience and important investments since 2008

BayZara Tekstil

Sürekli olarak en iyisi olmaya çalışan BayZara Tekstil, yerli ve yabancı müşterilerine yüksek kaliteli ürün ve hizmetler sunmayı taahhüt etmektedir. BayZara Tekstil, çabalarını her zaman onlara ihtiyaç duyanlara üstün ürün ve hizmetler sunmanın ötesine taşımaya çalışmaktadır.

Our company BayZara Tekstil was established in Denizli. It operates 4.600 m2 closed and 5.100 m2 open area. Based on the experience in the textile sector for many years, it aims to provide the best quality service in line with the current needs of its customers by blending it with developing technology. We have 80% and 20% domestic production for the international market. We have a monthly production of 450,000 meters of fabric with a growing machine park and increasing number of personnel. Our goal is to ensure our customers’ permanent satisfaction with our products and serve the wider community without sacrificing quality.