Holistic understanding

Quality Management

BAYZARA TEKSTİL SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ, rather than the production amount, is based on the quality of the amount in question, based on the participation of all employees in the organization, based on customer satisfaction, and benefiting the society and every individual within the organization. Our quality management system starts with customer demands and covers all processes from product design to cost. BAYZARA TEKSTİL SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ quality management consists of 3 basic processes as planning, control and development.

These processes are;

Quality Planning: In quality planning, we primarily determine customer requests. By producing products and services that meet expectations, we create quality plans that cover the minimum possible cost. Then it is our aim to design the process and make the process work.

Quality Control: In this process, we set performance standards and measure. If it cannot meet the desired performance, we take corrective measures and keep the quality under constant control with our understanding of continuous improvement.

Quality Development: We ensure continuous improvement of our products with our quality improvement agreement. We ensure the continuity of this process with a team that fixes our quality problems, prevents problems and aims to catch innovations as quickly as possible.

Within the framework of our understanding of quality, the amount of our products or services meeting the needs and expectations is an indicator of our quality value for us.

Our aims in our quality management system;

  • To maximize customer satisfaction
  • To increase our market share
  • To increase our profitability
  • Ensuring cost reduction
  • Increasing the satisfaction of our employees and achieving high competitive power