Living Room Textile

Just like a beautifully directed movie, a well-decorated living room is attractive and expressive, familiar and safe at the same time. And sometimes it can be difficult to spot what isn’t in your own home textile brand. We spoke with interior designers and residential architect to shed light on the most common living room design flaws that can disturb spaces. In order to shed light on the most common living room textiles that can inspire your brand, we closely follow the latest trends and constantly update our knowledge and skills with our innovative approach.


Muslin Multi-Layer
Blankets and Sofa Throws - Shawls

Seat throws, blankets that you hang on your sofa back or arm are the easiest way to add warmth to your living room. Throws and blankets add color and texture to the room or are the invitation to a short nap. They can instantly refresh an old sofa and bring totally fresh vibes to the room. Multi-layer woven blankets are large woven textiles that are used as a cover to keep the wearer warm, especially while lying down in a living room. Throws and blankets are woven from threads made of cotton, linen, bamboo, tencel, viscose, polyester and their mixtures. These throws and blankets have an exotic craftsmanship created by BAYZARA TEKSTİL SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ ‘s own creative work.


Rustic Curtains,
Drape Curtains,
Valence Curtains

Rustic Curtains: Curtains are one of the most popular textile products used in the living room. In addition to function, they create many options in terms of aesthetics by offering different styles, colors and patterns. These curtain types are typically made from heavy fabric and are sold in packaging containing two panels. They are mounted from a rustic curtain rod by hanging them directly above or hanging on loops attached to this rustic rod. Drape Curtains: Sold in fabric panels with many different lengths, colors and patterns, but normally made from heavier fabric, lined, pleated and hung on a crossbar with a string so you can open and close them easily. Valance Curtains: Valence curtains, used as an additional decoration and also to hide curtain mounting hardware, are decorative textiles that hang on the top of the pads. Valence curtains are decorative textiles that are hung on a window frame, either on a panel or on a rustic bar, as pleated, arched, curved, shirred. In this category, you will find BAYZARA TEKSTİL SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ ‘s unique fabrics suitable for Rustic Curtain, Drape Curtain and Valans Curtain.


Decorative Use Textile

At BAYZARA TEKSTİL SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ , you will find fabrics that can be used for many different purposes, in various varieties from jacquard to plain or printed designs. You can use these versatile fabrics for a variety of projects such as cushions, pillows, bags and sofa covers, or crafts.

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