Bathroom Textile

The bathroom is really one of the most important rooms in the house. We use it every day to maintain health and hygiene, and we prepare there every morning. Despite being a small space, the bathroom definitely has a huge impact on our daily life. In this line, the most effective, super absorbent, soft woven bath textiles like fluff.

Turkish Towels
Fouta Towels

Turkey is known for producing some of the world’s finest textiles. Turkish towels, also called Peshtemal, Hamam or Fouta towels, are as absorbent as traditional towels, but take up less space and dry very quickly. Although Peshtemal or Fouta towels have the same absorbency, they are not the same in quality as standard terry cloth towels. Peshtemals are large, flat surfaced and extremely soft and are known to be softer and more absorbent in successive washings.

Inspired by bath towels used in historical Turkish spas, these tightly woven textiles are extremely strong and machine washable and also feature stylish knotted fringes that make them useful.

These products can be used as multi-purpose bath, beach and pool towels, and even as throw, scarves, beachwear.


Huckaback Towels

In this category, we produce huckaback towels with just the right softness and absorbency level for industrial textile wholesalers, hotels, laundries and home textile brands.

Huckaback towels combine features such as superb softness, super absorbency and durability, making them perfect towels for bathrooms.

Huckaback towels are used as lightweight face towels, hand towels or shaving towels by hotels, health and beauty centers (saunas, pools, baths, spa massage centers). Optionally, they are gorgeous sophisticated items for home use.

Huckaback towels are made from a special braiding method, giving a distinct texture that is absorbent and dries the skin effectively.


Woven Shower Curtains

BAYZARA TEKSTİL SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ produces woven shower curtains that will satisfy the tastes and wishes of home textile brands, enrich the brands’ style and become the center of attention.

High quality curtains add a lot of appeal to modern home textiles, and it is an undeniable fact that you can be a pioneer in the industry when brands use them for collections. We take into account all the nuances that will make you one of the best in the industry. You will find a wide variety of curtain options, many textures, colors and patterns in this category.

It is easy to choose based on BAYZARA TEKSTİL SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ.’s products. The carefully selected materials combined with detailed craftsmanship make the products timeless. Each product will be produced with care to revive your brand. A reputable supplier will take care to ensure that your values ​​and each product you buy meet your standards.

We develop innovative studies that increase competitiveness.

From yarn to fabric; BAYZARA TEKSTİL SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ performs tests in accordance with international standards in the physics and quality control laboratory in every process of production and provides service to its customers.

  • State-of-the-art machinery
  • Sustainable production methods
  • Customer-oriented production

BAYZARA TEKSTİL SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ carries out environmentally friendly production in the shortest time possible, with the best quality and reasonable price, according to the demands of its customers.