Production based on
customer purchase orders

How We Work?

BayZara is a textile producer, who produce items based on customer purchase orders in their specific demands. We combined high-performance machines technology with our extensive textile know-how formed over many years.

Our main customers are, laundries, hospitality industries wholesalers, home textile wholesaler, baby wearing brands, fashion brands and also we work through intermediary companies (commission based companies).

BayZara Textile fabricate products accordingly placed customer orders.  If you need help while you creating your own collection, we assist you with our designers and technical team.  Or if you have your own available collection already we can directly produce it under your brand name with your private label.

You can buy yards of fabric from us or as long as we have enough ready-to-wear products for your products, you can buy prepackaged products that we can put directly on the shelf from BayZara.

BayZara has a wide range of products that can be tailored to the specific needs of our customers.